Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spinning Four Patch class

We will learn the basic blocks at the first class and then decide how to set the blocks into a quilt top. Other classes can be added as required to finish the quilt.
You will need four identical repeats of a fabric to make these spinning four patch blocks. Wild, multi coloured fabrics are perfect. This is also a great project to use up one of those ugly wild prints you bought years ago! :-)

Pictured here are some quilts made with this pattern (click on the photo to see a larger version):

This quilt is a baby sized quilt done with a pastel 'stuffed animal' type print.

You can see the original "Hawaiian postcard fabric" on the border of this quilt. The blocks were cut a little larger as there was quite a bit of background between the florals.

A wonderful bright multi-coloured print produced these wonderful designs. This top needs borders yet :-):

These blocks are done with the same fabric as the red/yellow/green one above in a different colour way. The blocks were set on point with quarter square triangle square blocks in between:

This was the original hydrangea fabric that I purchased to try out the spinning four patch blocks. I set the blocks straight with two different sashings and mitered the borders and added a 'lippy' between the outer borders:

These blocks are done with a kids print of diggers and dump trucks! What fun these are. They are the leftovers of the backing of my grandson's I spy quilt :-). I had just enough identical repeats that I could get 21 blocks from the squares, just enough to put a baby quilt together one of these days:

This is a new one I've been working on for the chemo unit at the local hospital:

Sashed with three different solid colours:

This large table topper or sofa quilt was done with panels. A matching fabric from the same line was used for the border:

As you can see, the sky's the limit with these blocks. You can go funky, fun and bold or classy, serious and soothing. It all depends on the fabric you choose.

I Spy Quilt Class

I SPY QUILTS There have been some requests for an I spy quilt class. This class is suitable for beginners and experienced quilters.

FABRIC Lots of variety in fabrics makes these quilts interesting. Sets of I spy fabrics in either 6 1/2" or 4 1/2" squares will be available to purchase for your I spy quilts. You can supplement the kits with fabrics you have on hand or that you buy which suit the quilt you are making. Any extra squares you have can be taken along to the class to trade with others.

Set of 25 of the 4 1/2" squares = $7.50
Set of 25 of the 6 1/2" squares = $12.50

WHEN This class will take place in October and/or November. Let me know if you are interested by emailing me at jvanmep@execulink.com with the evenings you are available for a class or, if you prefer, which day times you can come. I will let you know what you need to bring for the class.

CLASS FEES We will have the one class to plan out the quilt and begin stitching it together. For those that are interested in another class, that can be scheduled at that time. A class for machine quilting and for binding will also be available. Class fees are $15.00 per class plus a $5.00 fee for the instruction handout.


This quilt was done with 6" squares and a border of rectangles of I spy fabrics with black or dark backgrounds (approx 46" square):

Another quilt with 6" squares and a piano key border done with 1 1/2" leftover strips (approx 46" x 52"):

You can also go serious with these quilts and use grown-up themes. This quilt has sewing themed fabrics using 6" squares with small corners to make them 'snowball blocks' (approx 46" square):

Another sewing themed I spy quilt with 6" blocks done in a colour wash theme with narrow sashings and corner stones (approx 60" x 68"):

A girl themed I spy quilt with 4" blocks and a straight set from light to dark towards the bottom (approx 44" x 52"):

Another girl themed quilt set in pink (same size as above):

A 4" block quilt done in a colour wash spiraling out from the center with all blue based blocks (approx 40" square):

A multi coloured quilt spiraling from the center (approx 48" square):

A 4" block colour wash from the top left corner to the bottom right corner with a very wide ric rac trim between the binding and the border (approx 40" square):

This quilt has I spy squares alternating with solid four patch blocks to create a secondary pattern (approx 45" square):

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Star Sampler Class block

Here are some of the blocks being made in the classes so far. Pat K's blocks:

Maria's blocks:

Erica and Sandra's blocks:

Audrey's blocks:

Sarah's blocks:

We need to take a picture of Loni's finished blocks :-).

Lemoyne Star Challenge

We tackled the Lemoyne star last night and this morning at quilt classes. The blocks turned out very nicely and everyone successfully finished (survived!!) the class :-). Here is Sandra's block (sorry about the small photo...I forgot to take a closeup and had to pick it out of a photo of all the blocks!)

Pat K's block:

Lydia's block:

Loni's block:

Erica's block:

I will add more of the Lemoyne star blocks as the others catch up.