Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Psalms blocks

A few ladies of my Church are getting brave and working through some of the Psalms quilt blocks from Carol Honderich's wonderful patterns (with permission). We began with an easy block called hard times, based on Psalm 142. The ladies learned to hand piece the block and did a great job. None of these ladies are quilters (maybe they will yet become quilters :-). Here is Joan's block:

Annette P's block:

Annette J's block:

While we stitched, we talked about the Psalm and God's faithfulness and comfort in times of overwhelming hard times. They are looking forward to coming back for the second block :-).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spinning Four Patch class

Yesterday was Spinning Four Patch class and we had a great time! Here are some of the blocks done by the students. Tracy's blocks are turning out great!

Sarah used a wonderful paisley print which produced these cool blocks:

Pat K's lovely zany, wild blocks!

Laurie's first two fishy blocks...they really look like they're swimming in a fish tank!

Jaime is doing blocks with a fall print which are very sophisticated looking:

Gail used an Australian print which actually has maggots on it!! Fortunately, once you have the blocks made, you don't really notice them LOL!!

Diana used a very soft flannel with kitties on it. The kitties really look like they're having fun :-). The top left square has to be taken apart....didn't notice that til I looked at the picture!

Deb R's wonderful coloured blocks:

Deb D used a cool Christmas fabric with cats on it...they're having fun too!

These blocks definitely are addictive. I'll post more photos later when they are set into quilt tops.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Spinning Four Patch fabrics

Here are the fabrics that I have available in my fabric stash if you do not have time to shop for the upcoming Spinning Four Patch class or would just like to try the blocks and not have to worry about fabric selection. Let me know if you would like me to set one of these aside with your name on it. First come, first served :-). If you prefer to shop for your own fabrics, these photos will give you some idea of the types of fabrics that would work. Fabrics with 3 or 4 colours and no more than about 20% background are good. Click on the photos to see a larger view.

Gorgeous flowers on a brown background $20.00 (2 metres):

Same flowers on black background $20.00 (2 metres):

Landscape scene $20.00 SOLD (2 metres):

Farm scene should yield some fun blocks $12.00:

Birds on a blue background. These long beaks should produce some very interesting blocks $12.00:

These birds would be great set in white and navy blue and are a nice option for a more masculine quilt or for a bird lover $12.00:

Delicate burgundy, blue and green on a cream background with a gold fleck in the burgundy flowers would make a lovely lap quilt $25.00 (2.3 metres which should be enough to do borders or binding). You can see a quilt done in this fabric here. SOLD (This is a perfect fabric for a Spinning Four Patch quilt!)

Trains on blue background (not sure if there's too much background on this one, but it would be fun to experiment). $15.00:

This fabric would be interesting to see how it works out...pastel trucks with a mountain scene in the background. $15.00:

Spring print with butterflies. (This fabric works very well.) $15.00:

Japanese print on blacks and greys $15.00:

This fabric has quite a bit of background, but I did love the colours and since the leaves and branches swirl through the background, this one should work $15.00:

This floral fabric looks a bit washed out on the photo, but is a beautiful Hoffman print. This one is $25.00:

There is 2.5 metres of this fabric which could also be used for borders and/or backing. Total $28.00. Four repeats of the fabric would be $15.00 and own choice borders can be added:

This Hawaiian fabric makes a great spinning four patch. The squares need to be cut a little larger since there's quite a bit of background. This was a real bargain fabric and provides an inexpensive opportunity to try this technique out. $7.00 for enough fabric to make the four patches.

You can see a quilt made with these blocks here

Funky floral $16.00

Daisies $15.00

Here is an example of a fabric with motifs that are too similar. It did not produce really great spinning four patch blocks.