Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tina's stars

Tina has been working on winter themed fabrics for her star sampler. At the last class she had 6 finished and a 7th one on the go. Lovely colours!

Tracy's Spinning Four Patch

Tracy made a Spinning Four Patch quilt at a recent class. This is the fabric she started with:

This picture is a little washed out...the sun was shining in the sewing room. Can't believe the difference in the will need to use your imagination for this one :-). This fabric worked very well for the four patch blocks and turned out beautiful. This quilt will be a lap size.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Joan's I spy quilt

Joan got her I spy quilt all quilted and is ready to put the binding on. Awesome job Joan! It turned out very nice.

Joan's daughter and granddaughter admiring her quilt :-)

....and again....more hotpads :-)

Sandra's pretty hot pad (wow, that green star is pretty perfect Sandra!!):

Pat K's cool chocolate brown one...we had chocolates at this class which went well with these colours!

Loni's Christmas hot pad (love how the trees are going around the outside):

Erica's funky hot pad. Erica is 15 years old and does a great job at quilting and keeps us all young at heart with her wonderful colour choices:

Adriana's lovely Christmas hot pad. Love how that white star stands out on this one:
There are three more ladies that had to leave earlier and didn't get the bindings on yet. I will add Laurie's, Judy's and Joan's pictures as soon as they are finished. I'm in the mood to make another hot pad now :-).

Thursday, December 3, 2009

......and even more hot pads

Here are the hot pads from yesterday's morning and evening classes. The bindings are not sewn down by hand yet on the back of some of the hot pads :-).

Gail's sheep (Gail pressed her triangles so some of the sheep would appear on the front :-):

Diana's lovely grey tones. Love how that yellow star seems to be glowing in the center:

Deb's pretty Christmas stars:

Beth's lovely chocolate brown hot pad. Wow Beth, your star points look perfect!:

Ann's candy cane Christmas hot pad. Ann switched the busy floral to center to have the green colour show the most. The candy cane binding really finished it off nicely:

My sample that I had on the go to demonstrate the technique and try out bigger stars. I wasn't very careful with this one and the star is not totally even, but it's amazing how forgiving this design is. The more contrast you use in the colours, the more obvious little slips become. But, when you have this potholder on a table, you don't even notice that a few of the sides of the star are not exactly even :-).

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hotpads on a roll!

The first hotpad class was held tonight and the first two students did a wonderful job. Here is Helen's. This is Helen's very first quilting project! The binding needs to be sewn down by hand yet:

And here is Stephanie's funky hot pad. Stephanie has never even touched a sewing machine before. Is this impressive or what!!

Happy with her first project. Here we are together :-). Awesome job Stephanie!!!!