Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brianne and Sandra's pillowcase and snippet catcher

Sandra brought her friend Anne and her daughter, Brianne for a quilt class today. Brianne is 12 years old and made a pillowcase. Isn't it awesome? Great job Brianne!!

Sandra made a handy snippet catcher this afternoon. Here are the selvages she chose:

The finished thread catcher. The squares on the design wall behind her are also Sandra's. She is making Split Decision using a jelly roll. What fun colours :-).

Monday, August 23, 2010

Do we have fun at classes.....................

We had a tote bag class recently and getting the students to post with their projects can be like pulling teeth, especially if we have a mother/daughter team :-)!! Here is Stephanie and her Mom, Corinna, trying to come up with a good pose to show off their completed tote bags!

There we go....a lovely Mother and daughter photo!!! Aren't they just so cute? :-)

The Handy Thread and Snippet Catcher

We're making Handy Thread and Snippet Catchers in class. These are really fun to make from selvage edges. Kits can be purchased at the class, which includes the fun of rooting through my selvage stash to choose 12 to 15 pieces for your snippet catcher. The first two (lime green and pink) are the class samples:

Donna almost got hers finished at class.

More photos will be added soon.