Friday, December 3, 2010

....more production from the students!!

Here are some miscellaneous projects made by students in the last few weeks. Cathy B made a hotpad in class:

Julie A made one as well:

Chris B made this pretty snippet and thread catcher:

Here she is posing with her newly finished project:

Aileen P came over a few weeks ago and made this cute bag for her sister for Christmas:

Spinning Four Patch fun

A few weeks ago, several students took a class on the Spinning Four Patch. Here is Julie's original fabric, an Amish farm scene:

Here are some of the cool blocks you get out of this print!

This is the same block, but set on point which gives it a different look:

Diana did a "Cow jumped over the moon" fabric...what fun!

More pillowcases...

These pillowcases are addictive :-). Here's Laurie with two of her pillowcases finished:

And, here's Cathy B with her very first pillowcase!

...and Judy's cool polka dot version: