Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mug Rug insanity :-)

I've been making some mug rugs in the last few days to have on hand as little gifts. What a lot of fun these little gems are. They are meant to put on your desk or sewing table and will hold a mug and there is also room for a cookie or snack. This keeps your work surface clean and protected from spills. It can be thrown in the washer and dryer for quick clean up. You'll need several for your own desk :-).

What a lovely disaster I had in the sewing room working on these little mug rugs.

In the middle of the mess, I found my chocolate emergency kit LOL!

Some finished mug rug tops (they need binding yet):

If you would like to make mug rugs in class, I have all the materials ready to make as many as you like!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pineapple paper pieced sample block

This is the 6" pineapple block that we will be using to learn paper piecing. This one is done in only two colours, but you can make fun designs using a different colour for each side or doing them totally scrappy!

The block looks totally different if you put it on point and three or five of these squares would make a lovely table runner:

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pinwheel table topper

Alice made this cute pinwheel runner from a kit:

A few of the kits available:

Student work completed

Some of my students have been busy finishing projects. Here is Alice's wonderful Square Dance quilt she made for her daughter. She used half yards of 8 prints instead of FQ's and this worked out to a nice single bed size with the borders. Aren't the colours awesome? Alice has just started quilting last fall and this is her second quilt she has finished including the quilting!

Alice and her finished quilt:


Closeup of the backing:

Chris made a lovely tote bag for the Cancer Relay for Life in June. She quilted the cancer symbol ribbons in the front and back of the quilt!:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mitered border table toppers

The mitered border class has been a lot of fun and some lovely table toppers have been produced. This is the sample I did with a spring striped fabric I had in my stash and a pink floral FQ:

At the second class, we figured out a brainstorm for using the cut offs of the mitered corner and leftover bits of strips to make mini toppers and coasters :-):

The mini table topper fits perfectly in the center of the large one:

Joyce and Maria both used this wonderful border print and matching center:

The bonus mini:

Cathy D's cool butterfly table topper and bonus mini in the center:

I apologize for the quality of these's snowing outside today and it's really bright in the sewing room. That's my excuse for being a lousy photographer!

Table runners

Here are some photos of the pinwheels table runners we've been working on. Maria's small table runner:

My small table runner:

My larger one:

Joyce's larger table runner:

Beginnings of a Christmas hexagon shaped table topper:

Update - The borders are now on the Christmas table topper :-)

Chris tried this table topper as well and used a tablecloth border print which was 60" wide. She used the dark green as the background and the floral print for all the pinwheels except the bottom center, which she cut from a sparkly gold fabric to look like a bow on the wreath. I will post an update once she has her borders on. Great job Chris!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

More student work....

There were some miscellaneous photos on my camera of class projects, so I got them downloaded for you all to see what we have been up to lately. We learned about mitered borders this week. Chris brought a table runner that she had made and we added the mitered borders around it:

Laurie and Alice shared a lovely spring border print and put different coloured centers in. They turned out so different, but both are gorgeous. Alice added a blue center to hers:

Laurie put a lovely buttery yellow in hers (the yellow is washed out a bit by the light):
Megan came a couple of weeks ago and made a matching pillowcase to the quilt that I made for her new baby. Great job Megan!

Sisters, Judy and Elaine, came during the March break to make their selvage edge Handy Snippet catchers:

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Student Log Cabin Quilts

Here are some of the results of our recent log cabin classes. Sandra's first squares. She is making a bed size quilt in blacks and whites:

Rosemary is making a quilt for her sofa:

Cathy is making a king sized bed quilt with these two block layouts:

Alice is making a sofa quilt and has added borders to her star orientation quilt:

Cathy B is making a King size! quilt using her own design of varied log cabin blocks. Here is the layout of the blocks on the design wall. Isn't this one striking? Cathy only started quilting last November! Wonderful work, Cathy.

More student work

Here are a few more projects we've been working on at various classes. Laurie made a really cute Square Dance quilt with sock monkey fabrics:

Closeup of the monkeys:

Lydia's trip around the world:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Log Cabin inspiration

The Log Cabin is a wonderfully versatile pattern for quilting! It's a great quilt for beginners and experienced quilters alike. One great option with Log Cabin blocks is that they can be arranged in lots of different ways. And the size of the strips can be adjusted to produce larger or smaller quilts easily. Here are some ideas for for log cabin quilts.

This is the basic block:

The setting for this quilt is called 'fields and furrows'. All the blocks are made with the same fabrics (each one used twice) and all placed in the same position in the block:

I made a Log Cabin lap quilt for my Dad a few years ago and decided to make it funky :-). The center is a half square triangle instead of a square for a bit of a different effect. Here are four different ways these blocks could be arranged:

Here is the finished quilt showing the layout I finally picked :-)

This quilt gives the illusion of curves and is accomplished by using smaller strips on the light side (the leftover strips were used in the piano key border):

Here are a few different ways the blocks could have been arranged for the above quilt (it is the same quilt in spite of the colour difference...the above was outdoors and the photos below were taken inside).

This little miniature quilt was done with 1" strips using the same fabric for all the strips on the dark side and the same for the light side. These little blocks also make a wonderful table runner:

A four block Christmas table runner (one of my very first projects!). Don't look too closely LOL.