Monday, January 10, 2011

Log Cabin inspiration

The Log Cabin is a wonderfully versatile pattern for quilting! It's a great quilt for beginners and experienced quilters alike. One great option with Log Cabin blocks is that they can be arranged in lots of different ways. And the size of the strips can be adjusted to produce larger or smaller quilts easily. Here are some ideas for for log cabin quilts.

This is the basic block:

The setting for this quilt is called 'fields and furrows'. All the blocks are made with the same fabrics (each one used twice) and all placed in the same position in the block:

I made a Log Cabin lap quilt for my Dad a few years ago and decided to make it funky :-). The center is a half square triangle instead of a square for a bit of a different effect. Here are four different ways these blocks could be arranged:

Here is the finished quilt showing the layout I finally picked :-)

This quilt gives the illusion of curves and is accomplished by using smaller strips on the light side (the leftover strips were used in the piano key border):

Here are a few different ways the blocks could have been arranged for the above quilt (it is the same quilt in spite of the colour difference...the above was outdoors and the photos below were taken inside).

This little miniature quilt was done with 1" strips using the same fabric for all the strips on the dark side and the same for the light side. These little blocks also make a wonderful table runner:

A four block Christmas table runner (one of my very first projects!). Don't look too closely LOL.